Diagram of HEPMPO organizational structure

Interstate Council (ISC)

The Interstate Council (ISC) is the decision making body of HEPMPO. The group is comprised of representatives of the respective State departments of transportation, public transit operators, and local elected officials. In accordance with the HEPMPO bylaws, the Interstate Council is comprised of 17 members, 15 members of which have voting privileges and two non-voting members.

Current ISC membership

Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)

In accordance with HEPMPO bylaws, a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) is to provide technical assistance and recommendations to the Interstate Council. The TAC is charged with five general responsibilities:

  1. Oversight of technical work;
  2. Coordination of the Long Range Transportation Plan;
  3. Compliance with State or Federal regulations;
  4. Review and recommendation of TIP projects and amendments;
  5. Review and recommendation of new projects and proposals.

Current TAC membership

Air Quality Advisory Committee (AQAC)

An ad hoc sub-committee of the Technical Advisory Committee charged with reviewing projects in the Transportation Improvement Program, Long Range Transportation Plan, or special studies for compliance with transportation conformity. This group meets on an as-needed basis and acts in an advisory capacity to the Interstate Council.


Matt Mullenax, Executive Director
Michaela McDonough, Transportation Planner
Jill Baker, Director, Washington County Planning
Deb Eckard, Administrative Assistant, Washington County Planning

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